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The best 30 minute workout ever! Experience it today & transform your life!

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Science Approved

We cracked the science behind elite fitness secrets that are now availible to everyone in our program! Our heart-rate monitors in combination with the best 30 minute workout ever created will have your metabolism scorching for up to 36 hours!

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Our Elite Programs Will Change Your Life...

Lean & Fit Bootcamp

Our famous structured, boot-camp style program that was designed to get you in the best shape of your life!

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Tread & Shred

Elevate your workout beyond the boring, traditional treadmill with our new state of the art Curve Treadmills!

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Kick Boxing

Kickbox 2000 is our award-winning program that offers a cardio workout like no other. Created by John Savidis!

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Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are certified instructors who help you to achieve and maintain your personal fitness goals!

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Group Weight Training

Our 30 minute workout challenges your major muscles by using the best weight-room exercises!

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Strength & Conditioning

Increase strength, conditioning and flexibility! A program that pro level athletes will love but built for everyone!

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Meet The Elite Squad

Our whole team from top to bottom has been hand picked for their dedication & excellence in their roles. Quite frankly, we think you deserve the very best from all of us & our goal is to be here for every step of your journey!

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Amazing Spotlight Success Stories...

Strong married couple overcame tragedy and lost 50 pounds together...

This Valentine's Day we spotlight Kristina and Jon, how they overcame struggles and became healthy with Lean & Fit!

Kristina & Jon's Spotlight

How Kayla dropped 30 pounds while conquering the naysayers...

A true fat burning hero, Kayla ignored the negative comments and turned her health around with the Lean&Fit programs!

Kayla's Spotlight

How Chris transformed himself and energizes his day at Lean&Fit to help run his PitaPit business…

Never an athelete picking Nintendo over sports, one day he decided it was time to transform...

Chris' Spotlight

Sick of being known as 'the big guy', Kevin shed 75 pounds and mastered the Lean & Fit program!

A body full of pain, headed for health issues, Kevin took the 21 day challenge to get life on track!

Kevin's Spotlight

How Sarah battled her career & the mom life to shed 52 pounds...

Feeling down with no self-confidence, find out how Sarah took control of her weight and her whole life!

Sarah's Spotlight

How Jennifer (mom of two) lost 43 pounds at age 41...

Our very own front desk Jenn who got her health back with Lean & Fit and the guidance of John & Mia Savidis.

Jenn's Spotlight

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