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Science Approved

The science behind elite fitness is now available to everyone in our program! Our  30-minute workout will have your metabolism scorching for up to 36 hours!

Our Programs Will Change Your Life

Functional First is our first 45-minute full-body circuit training program. It is ideal for those who have minor injuries and restrictions. The workout includes all major strength training movement patterns with bouts of low-impact cardio. Carefully designed to maintain the body functional to do your day-to-day activities at ease. Are you looking to start incorporating fitness into your lifestyle? Then, this is the program for you.

Lean & Fit Bootcamp

Our famous structured, boot-camp style program that was designed to get you in the best shape of your life!

Tread & Shred HIIT

Elevate your workout beyond the boring, traditional treadmill with our new state of the art Curve Treadmills!

Hot Punch Kickboxing

Hot Punch Kicking is our revolutionary program that uses far infrared lighting to give you an unforgettable workout!

Functional First

This full body circuit training class is low impact on the joints and tendons. The workout focuses on addressing minor pre-existing injuries. If you are thinking about getting back into fitness, this class is for you.

1 on 1 Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are certified instructors who help you to achieve and maintain your personal fitness goals!

Group Weight Training

Our 30 minute workout challenges your major muscles by using the best weight-room exercises!

Meet The Elite Team

Our team is dedicated to your health and fitness needs.  You deserve the very best and our goal is to be here for every step of your journey!

Success Stories

Our very own front desk Jenn who got her health back with Lean & Fit Elite.

Feeling down with no self-confidence, find out how Sarah took control of her weight and her whole life!

Never an athelete picking Nintendo over sports, one day he decided it was time to transform…

A body full of pain, headed for health issues, Kevin took the 21 day challenge to get life on track!

This Valentine’s Day we spotlight Kristina and Jon, how they overcame struggles and became healthy with Lean & Fit!

A true fat burning hero, Kayla ignored the negative comments and turned her health around with the Lean&Fit programs!

Heidi was done feeling and looking ill, learn all about her stunning transfomation to shed 45 pounds and to look years younger!

Read this inspirational spotlight story of Mary who quite frankly has one hell of a busy life but still manages time for her health…

Andrea has achieved so much at Lean And Fit with all the massive amount of support she receives…

Amy took her life back by focusing on her health, she realized that taking care of yourself affects everything you do in life!

What an inspiring story about Chris who struggled with his weight and gained back his health, fitness, and much more…

Our very own Kristine has kept her fitness at the front of her life with constant dedication, read all about her inspiring story…

She thought she was in good shape until she found the Lean And Fit program and got pushed to her elite levels!

Carla has an amazing story that spans a decade with her weight battle while recovering from an injury.

Neil is exactly what we all strive to get out of our fitness, he has overcame a lot of obstacles to get there!

With two girls, being a mother can be tiresome and life can sneak up on you. Ela did an amazing job to get back on track!

Gioia did a stunning job during our 21 Day Challenge and ended up winning it all! Along the way she got great results with her hard work and dedication to the program!

Ivana joined out popular 21 Day Challenge and had great success to help boost her on her way to a great fit life! She has been doing amazing!

Jan joined the Lean and Fit family to take her health to a new level breaking her personal best time in a half marathon.

A great spotlight on how melissa dug deep with her husband to make some serious progress towards her goals…



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7 Classes, 7 Days

7 Classes, 7 Days

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7 Classes, 7 Days