Jess Earned Her Body Back Before AND After Pregnancy

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Pre-Pregnancy 💪
🎊41-Weeks Pregnant! 🎉
5 Days Post-Pregnancy 💪
6 Months Post-Pregnancy! 😍

Jess V has been able to overcome several personal obstacles to make her journey from where she was, to where she wants to be. And not just once….but twice!

Before we get to Jess’ story, Mia Savidis, owner and badass coach @ John Savidis’ Lean & Fit ELITE has a message for Jess:

“Jess, I can’t believe how motivating your story is! You are an inspiration to so many, young & old. You always give your best in every class and it certainly shows! So happy for you an your two boys. 😉 “

Read about Jess’ incredible experience in her own words…

How did you come across John Savidis’ Lean & Fit ELITE?

“I became a Lean and Fit member in 2016 after joining a 21-day challenge.

Traditional methods weren’t giving me the results I was looking for. The (old) gym wasn’t working, fitness programs were less than inspiring, and even when I did reach my fitness goals, I plateaued or gave up and gained weight.

With my career keeping me out of town 13 hours a day, I had very little time to myself let alone to focus on my fitness goals.

Hearing of John Savidis’ 30-minute classes, I loved the idea of being able to balance my work and home life!

The first Lean and Fit class I attended was one of the hardest workouts I had ever done – and I LOVED IT! After the 21-day challenge, I was hooked.”

What health benefits have you noticed since then?

“My time at John Savidis’ Lean & Fit ELITE has changed my life in so many more ways than just my waist size.

In 2013 I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and was told that the chances of having a baby without medical assistance were slim.

After following John Savidis’ recommended diet and exercise plan for 6 months, I noticed positive changes within my body, not just physically.

I was in the best shape of my life and eventually, my PCOS went into remission. By the time my husband and I were ready to start a family, we were able to conceive our amazing, healthy baby boy without any medical assistance!

Throughout my pregnancy, I maintained my workouts. I trained with Boban twice a week and regularly attended classes. As I got bigger, staff were happy to modify my workouts to ensure I could work out right up until 2 weeks of my due date.

Throughout my pregnancy, I gained 50lbs and worried about how hard it would be to lose the weight and how long it might take. I continuously second-guessed myself and had almost resolved that I would never be able to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. This doubt was short-lived.

With the help of the staff and the support of members, I managed to start light exercise after 10 days and back at the gym within 5 weeks.

Within 6 months postpartum, I have not only lost all of my baby weight, I no longer have to attend physio for diastasis recti and will be completing my first ever 10km run!”

What would you say to someone considering trying John Savidis’ Lean & Fit ELITE?

“John Savidis’ Lean & Fit ELITE is a supportive and judgement free environment.

Most gyms can be intimidating and overwhelming, but I have never felt that here, everyone is here with the same intentions.

The staff and clients are incredible; even going so far as to keep an eye on my son so I can get a workout in. My son watches my every move and it is so important for me to be a role model of healthy and active living for him. The gym is my second home.

I cannot see myself ever going back to a regular gym. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but I am telling you it will be worth it! You only get out of it what you put into it.”

What a wonderful success story! I believe this is more proof that finding the structure & accountability you need is the key to success.

You need to have faith in the program AND help with motivation to stick with it. 

Jess found that and benefited, so can you. Scroll down to see YOUR opportunity to make your change…and click the big red button to get started!

Jess V work outs with her baby son watching her
Jess V work outs with her baby son watching her.
Jess V working out in a class at John Savidis' Lean & Fit ELITE
Jess V working out in a class at John Savidis' Lean & Fit ELITE.
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