Meal Prep Made Simple

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If I had to, what is ONE thing I would focus on to get the absolute best, most sustainable, most life-changing results possible??

Meal preparation.

It’s simple, you can eat your way to your goals…or eat your way away from them.

The importance of proper nutrition can’t be overstated! Fueling yourself properly will have a positive impact on:

  • your mental & emotional state
  • how well you deal with stress
  • how well you sleep
  • how long you live
  • how well you move
  • your energy levels
  • libido, sexual performance, and sexual health

…and so many more aspects to your life.

Now, meal prep is just a part of your overall nutrition program..but the reason why I think meal prep should be your focus is simple:

Meal prep forces you to stick to your overall nutrition plan.

Picture This: You get a one-on-one consultation with a body transformation expert. They learn about every goal and obstacle you have, assesses what vitamins and minerals your body needs right now, then prescribes you a nutrition program custom-made for you….Wow, that sounds great right?

You’d be right, but how much good will that program do if you’re skipping meals, missing your macronutrient targets, or eating things that you shouldn’t be?

The answer is not much. And that’s why I prioritize meal prep FIRST.

When you meal prep, you’re forced to take an active role in planning what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Because of this, you are far less likely to skip meals or cheat!

So let’s forget about the “perfect custom-made nutrition program” and let’s focus on getting you meal prepping now!

Getting Started With Meal Prep

Successful meal preppers all use the same 5 fundamental rules to ensure success. So let’s start there…

#1. Plan How Many Meals & How Much Food You’ll Need

mental math

Your nutrition program will likely cover how many meals you need to eat in a day. That’s important to know for obvious reasons, but you should also know how much food you’ll be eating! Especially when it comes to going shopping for groceries.

Your program may or may not include an actual meal plan (i.e. exactly what to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). If it does, just tally up the amounts of all the ingredients you’ll be using for each meal over the next few days. That’s your grocery list!

If you don’t have a detailed meal plan, you’ll need to take the added step of building your meals according to your nutrition program first.

#2. Meal Prep on 2 Days Rather Than 1

Ditch what the others say, all the successful meal prep champs are prepping on 2 days rather than 1!

I’ve seen too many clients cook up a batch of food on Sunday then run out by Wednesday (or the food spoils by then). Then they’re in this weird food limbo where they don’t know what to eat.

The better meal preppers will prepare meals 2x a week. A good split is Saturday/Sunday to Tuesday/Wednesday. Do this to avoid “food limbo” and falling back into old habits!

#3. Meal Prep Using Versatile Staple Foods

gif of someone cutting chicken

The best meal preppers are strategic. They’ll make big batches of the foods they can include in multiple meals. So foods like rice, quinoa, chicken, beef, pork, certain veggies, etc should be made in larger batches because you can incorporate them into almost every meal!

#4. Think Of Where & When You’ll Be Eating

You need to be aware of where and when you will be eating these meals! For example, you can’t have a yogurt mix where you don’t expect to have access to a fridge (unless you have one of those nifty temperature control food bags!).

We’re trying to make things as easy as possible, so do yourself this favour. Think of the environment and time of day that you’ll be having the meal or shake, and prepare accordingly.

#5. Cut Corners Where You Can

bart simpson cutting corners while writing lines

Speaking of making things easy for yourself, do what the successful meal preppers do and cut corners. Use precut & frozen fruit, frozen veggies, and precut/prechopped veggies where you can. They are a huge timesaver!

Of course, keep an eye on any unnecessary preservatives.

The very best meal preppers that I’ve seen will use these 5 fundamental tips as a part of their gameplan for success. So I hope you use these to start seeing success in your own life!

As it goes with most things though, there are few more things you can do to step up your results in a big way. I’ve outlined the fundamentals above, but there definitely is more you can be doing to get the very best results out of your meal prep and nutrition program.

I’ve outlined everything you need to know about meal prep in this free, comprehensive guide. We’ve gathered the best approaches and tips from our own successful clients and the experience we’ve developed over the last 30 years of successful transformations.

Use this free to harness the full power of your nutrition program and know exactly how to tackle the often unnecessarily complicated process of meal prep!

Download your free JSLF Meal Prep Guide here!

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