Helping Clients Lose Weight Fast For The Last 29 Years

Helping Clients Lose Weight Fast For The Past 29 Years!

If you’re searching for how to lose weight fast, then here’s your answer:

Calories In – Calories Out = Weight Gain/Weight Loss


Well now that we’ve covered everything there is to know, I guess you can get out there and achieve the number on the scale you’ve always wanted!

Fly free!
Now that you have everything you need...

But before you go…do me a favour and answer these questions:

  • Do you want to get to your ideal scale weight and be flabby, have low energy levels, feel weak, and not fill out the clothes in the way you’d like to?
  • Which do you care about most: your scale weight or the way you look, the number of inches lost, and how you fit in your clothes?

I’ve found that people almost always choose the latter. 

The inches you lose are far more important than the number of pounds on a scale.

I bring this up because it’s absolutely vital that you know what your goal actually is. ANYBODY can lose weight on the scale….just eat and drink fewer calories than you burn in a day.

But just slashing your caloric intake will result in you losing the wrong kind of weight. In other words, you won’t primarily be burning fat…In fact, you’ll be losing mostly muscle tissue and water.

So, is it fair to say that you actually want to lose fat fast?

Then the best answer I can say to you is: be efficient with your efforts. Do NOT waste your time by half-assing it. You must do the following things to ensure your rapid success. Otherwise, you’ll take much longer than necessary to progress….or you just won’t make any progress at all.

Helping Clients Lose Weight Fast For The Last 29 Years - NUTRITION


Listen, I really appreciate the fact that you feel that your nutrition game is “solid”. You don’t eat junk food. You don’t really drink. You like to have salads. But you are not exempt from modifying or overhauling your approach to nutrition.

Think about it, nutrition is THE primary factor behind anyone’s successful transformation. If your diet was already perfect, then you wouldn’t be reading this article.

My team & I have witnessed countless numbers of people that claim they “don’t need nutrition help” spin their wheels for months and even years before something changes. They either give up, or change and succeed.

Remember, the way you eat needs to fit the goals you want. The way you’d eat could change based on whether you wanted pure fat loss, fat loss + toning, pure muscle development, etc.

The good news is, depending on what shape you’re in, we can all start with a common approach. Once you get closer to your goals, you can begin trying out different methods (e.g. intermittent fasting, carb-cycling, etc) to see if your progress improves.

A Fundamental Approach – Eat with balance

Remember these macronutrients in this order: Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat. You need all 3 in healthy amounts on a daily basis. You will not cut out all carbs nor will you cut out all fats!

The amount of protein, carbs, and fats you need to eat varies due to your goal, preferences, and limitations/restrictions. But a great starting point is the “hand method” we sometimes use at our facility:

Protein = The size and thickness of the palm of your hand
Carbs = With greens, go with the size of both of your fists together. For other carb sources, keep the number of grams low.
Fats = The size of your thumb or a small handful when applicable (e.g. nuts & seeds).

Of course, the best results will be achieved by using a structured nutrition program. You’ll get specific amounts and other very important info like how often you should be eating and what types of foods you should be having. Our program is called the 21-Day Metabolism Reboot, but feel free to look around at your options!

Helping Clients Lose Weight Fast For The Last 29 Years - EXERCISE


These days, you can find pretty much any kind of workout you’d like. But since you’re looking to lose weight fast, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is what you need.

HIIT has been shown to result in faster fat loss while preserving healthy lean muscle. This means that you can drop inches, develop the figure you want to fill out your clothes, and feel fitter and stronger.

To oversimply things, HIIT is all about pushing yourself to work very hard for a short burst of time, then taking a short rest to lower your heart rate, then repeating the cycle several times. 

It’s the most effective exercise method for melting off excess fat. It’s such a good method that we built our 30-minute workout programs around it at our facility!


Want to lose weight even faster? Get more active. 
People, unfortunately, confuse exercise and activity. They aren’t the same thing at all!

I look at exercise as medicine. Take a certain dose (length & type of your workout) a certain number of times per week. Activity is more about moving, elevating your heart rate a bit, and having fun! You want to stay moving so you can burn more calories throughout the day than if you were sedentary.

The trick is not pushing so hard that you’re basically workout out. Some activities include hiking, jogging, stairs, swimming, and rec sports. Anything that elevates your heart rate and gets you sweating.

Helping Clients Lose Weight Fast For The Last 29 Years - EXERCISE


More than anything, recovery tends to be the most neglected focus. But if you want fast weight loss results, then you can’t afford to ignore this any longer.

Recovery allows your body to repair and grow in the right way. This means allowing your muscle tissue to recover after a workout, or allowing your mind to recover after a stressful weekend. If you don’t rest & recover, you will:

  • lose your energy and achieve less in your workouts
  • not give your body the time it needs to rebuild its tissue
  • increase the probability of injuring yourself.

Try the following methods to include recovery in your new rapid fat loss program:

  • Include time in your morning/evening routine to meditate. If you’re a beginner, apps like Calm, and Headspace are very helpful for guided meditation.
  • If you’re primarily focused on weight training, don’t work out the same body part 2 days in a row.
  • Include fish oil and anti-inflammatory foods in your diet! The benefits to doing this are too long to list here, but rest assured that this is HUGE in helping your body recover.
  • Simply take some time to do something you enjoy.

If you’re looking for ways to lose weight quickly, you need to be efficient with your effort. Don’t use up unnecessary time by focusing on the wrong things! Get the best ROI possible.

Of course, the very best thing to do is join a program with a proven track record in getting people results. Check out the reviews and workouts to see how well they’ve done and whether you’d enjoy their methods.

My program has successfully earned my clients’ fast weight loss for the last 29 years! And once you adopt this straightforward method, it becomes a lifestyle you can use to sustain your results with. Check out my programs to learn more about our method ( Plus, we always have awesome trials available to people looking to try us out, contact us via phone, email, or Facebook Messenger.



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