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The Workout

We’ve merged the incredible benefits of kickboxing, far-infrared heat, and high-intensity interval training to deliver the best workout you’ve ever experienced!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or advanced athlete, this one-of a kind and patent-pending program will push you in new ways to get you remarkable results.

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The Benefits

Hot Punch Kickboxers benefit from the program in many ways!

Hot Punch’s Far-Infrared Heat will cause your body to sweat more, burn more calories, and help you detoxify, (and there are so many more!).

The unique water-filled bags (Aqua bags and Thai bags) absorb more impact from your punches and kicks, providing for a (relatively) lower impact on your joints! Great for your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and knees!

Hot Punch’s High-Intensity Interval Training method will light up your metabolism to burn massive amounts of calories! Watch the fat drip off of you after every class!

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Our Pricing


No more stressing about your attendance. Don’t like monthly contracts? THIS is your best way to experience our program. You can travel or take breaks without feeling guilty about that monthly payment!


Hot Punchers aren’t locked into a 12-month contract. So whether you belong to another gym or just want to avoid signing yet another contract, you can safely add our classes to your regular routine!


Our Class Pass gives you the freedom to select from all of our programs at JSLF! Attend Hot Punch, Lean & Fit, Group Weight Training, or Tread & Shred! And get all of this access without signing up for a 12-month contract!

It’s not a workout.
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