What is Group Weight Training?

Working out alone can be fine for some people, but it’s very hard to stay motivated. That is NOT a problem when you’re in one of my classes, and that’s especially true with Group Weight Training!


Take control of your life & health goals with our world class elite fitness programs that everyone is raving about as being the best 30 minute workout ever!

Fun & Targeted

I’ve brought all the benefits of weight training (fat loss, toning, definition, strength development) into a fun, and dynamic group setting to keep you motivated.

GWT targets all your major muscle groups, and the instructors tailor this 30 minute class to fit every ability level so there is something for everyone.

Best of Both Worlds

Group weight training gives you the best of both worlds; a great full body workout that’s more affordable than personal training, but with similar incredible results that you would expect from 1-on-1 training!

It will push your limits, provide a sense of accomplishment and allow you the freedom to truly enjoy your life.

- Aneta Zaniewska