What is Lean & Fit?

It’s how hamilton residents are losing weight, toning, getting stronger and revolutionizing their health! Our Lean & Fit training & nutrition program is designed to help you to achieve all of your goals in a non-intimidating environment with all the encouragement you can handle.


Take control of your life & health goals with our world class elite fitness programs that everyone is raving about as being the best 30 minute workout ever!

Class For Every Level

John Savidis’ Lean & Fit classes are scientifically designed to transform you into the best physical and mental condition of your life. These classes are exciting, high intensity and different from anything else you’ve ever tried. Our professionals will motivate you to do more than you ever thought possible. Lean and Fit classes are tailored specifically for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. We encourage you to go at your own pace.

Adaptive Nutrition

Our dynamic and motivational nutrition seminar will introduce you to the most advanced scientific methods to shed that excess weight and keep it off. You will learn what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat while turning your body into a fat burning machine without losing valuable muscle. You’ll receive a Journal to record your daily food intake with valuable staff reviews to help you monitor your progress.

It will push your limits, provide a sense of accomplishment and allow you the freedom to truly enjoy your life.

- Aneta Zaniewska