What is Tread & Shred HIIT ?

This is the revolutionary exercise program that’s causing thousands of Hamilton residents to BURN more fat than ever! Elevate your workout beyond the boring, traditional treadmill with our new state of the art Curve Treadmills that are powered by YOU, making your workout even more dynamic and effective.

State Of The Art

Before you even start a session, we demonstrate each exercise so you can just get started without wasting a second. Then, during your class we make sure that you push as hard as you can (while maintaining proper form and safety)…we want to make those 30 minutes count!  

Feel The Burn

The Tread & Shred Program burns fat, increases heart rate, and builds endurance. Plus, you’ll experience the “AFTERBURN” effect as your Tread & Shred session continues to burn calories for an incredible 24 to 36 hours after your workout! That means you’ll burn MORE fat for LONGER.

It will push your limits, provide a sense of accomplishment and allow you the freedom to truly enjoy your life.

- Aneta



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