Science Approved

We cracked the science behind elite fitness secrets that are now availible to everyone in our program! Our heart-rate monitors in combination with the best 30 minute workout ever will have your metabolism scorching for up to 36 hours!


Take control of your life & health goals with our world class elite fitness programs that everyone is raving about as being the best 30 minute workout ever!

Maximum Heart Rate Training

Our science approved fitness programs maximize your training by targeting the heart rate zone you need to stay in to gain our elite results. By utilizing our heart rate monitors and performing at your target level during the best 30 minute workout ever will keep your metabolism burning for up to 36 calorie melting hours! Get elite results with our world class programs! *

* Individual results may vary based on participant’s intensity level.

Elite Support

At John Savidis’ Lean & Fit, you will get the benefits of working out with a community of people that all support each other like family. Along with that support you will also have constant guidance from our elite squad instructors that will push you to the levels you need to be!

It will push your limits, provide a sense of accomplishment and allow you the freedom to truly enjoy your life.

- Aneta Zaniewska

Want to Crush Your Goals?

If you are looking to train to be a world class athlete, not only can you achieve that here, but you will thrive here. If you are looking to shed all that unwanted weight, you can do that here at an elite pace. Everyone has their own goals and we are here to make sure you can see & feel real results.

Our Club

When John made the choice to open his signature Lean & Fit location he spared no expense. To get the best possible results, you need the best possible tools. Everything from the top-of-the-line equipment, original programs, high energy music and our Elite Squad trainers are the best you will find. Our location has clean locker rooms for both men & women with restrooms, showers, and lockers. Need something? Ask our amazing staff!



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