How Chris shredded 44 pounds and looks like a new man...

The Machinist - Eager Beaver (Always early) - Crosby of Ball Hockey

How would you explain your life, health and otherwise, before joining Lean & Fit?

Having an active job as a machinist, playing in-house league sports (Ice Hockey, Hardball, Ball Hockey) and eating mostly healthy home cooked meals allowed me to stay at a healthy weight and fitness level throughout my twenties and into my early thirties. In my early thirties, a debilitating back injury that severely impaired the use of my left leg and put me a surgeons table occured. The 9 months of doctors and rehabilitation, coupled with little to no income, took its toll on our finances and my beautiful wife joined the workforce to help see us through. After my rehabilitation and during this period, both my wife and I worked long hours, including OT in our full time jobs and we both also had part time jobs to make ends meet. As a result, our meals began to move towards the easier, processed or prepared options for convenience. This time also coincided with me quitting smoking, so for me the weight began to pile on quickly. Realizing the problem, I tried a “glitzy, advertised on TV” DVD program that claimed to have exercise and nutrition and “guaranteed results”. I did that program as directed, and the results were disastrous. I indeed did lose weight, but lost a large portion of lean muscle and some fat. This left me emaciated looking and once the program was complete the weight came back, it was mostly in the form of body fat. Over the next several years the weight slowly and steadily inched back on. Somewhere around my 40th birthday I began the “I’m going to get healthy starting Monday” or I’ll start “tomorrow” thoughts, while eating every meal as if it was my last. During my last hockey season (Ending Late September 2016 at age 42) I ended with very sore joints (Knees and Ankles) and truly pitiful athletic performance. As my outdoor activities in the Fall ramped up, I realized how far I had let myself go and how hard walking and moving around had become. I was becoming more depressed and angry with myself, my fitness and my appearance. I did put on a braver outward face for my friends and family, but as some of you may unfortunately know, the inner self was crushed. I felt like a prisoner in my own body and mind. That’s when I saw a familiar fitness face I had seen on CHCH and around Hamilton for decades on a FB questionnaire……….. JOHN SAVIDIS LEAN & FIT.

How long have you been a member?

My initial consultation was with John on Monday December 5th 2016 at 4pm. After my consultation and some encouraging words and sights, I became a member that evening.

Why did you join the Lean & Fit program?

My lack of knowledge about proper nutrition good exercise is why I was seeking guidance and I had let my health and fitness level drop so much, I was unable to do the things that I loved. Even an evening walk with my beautiful wife and our dogs was becoming painful and a reminder of how horrible I felt. Hockey and being an Outdoorsman was becoming nearly impossible. John Savidis has been a fitness and heath icon in Hamilton for many years. He has helped countless others. You can’t have that kind of longevity without great results. What better place to start!

How has this program changed your life?

I have been able to return to playing sports (2 Ball Hockey Teams and Outdoorsman Activities are a breeze). When my wife asks if I want to go for a walk, I can do so with ease. I feel great, with lots of energy and a renewed sense of well-being that I was missing for quite some time. All and all, I feel stronger on the inside and out.

Has this program helped you with any health conditions?

While walking, jogging or running, I no longer have any joint pain. I have improvement in my flexibility and I am sleeping better as well. I was lucky enough to not have developed any permanent health issues from my weight gain. I have very large improvement in my Cardio, my strength and endurance during work and play.

Chris's favourite quote...

Suffer the pain of discipline….. or suffer the pain of regret

- Club Motto

What do your friends and family think of your Lean & Fit success?

My family and friends are very excited about my results. They are always astonished with how I look. I do get referred to as “skinny” every once in a while. Not something I’ve heard in a long time.

What would you like to say to people that are hesitant to join the Lean & Fit family?

I hesitated simply filling out a FB questionnaire, and I even debated on not showing up to my initial appointment……. (Sorry Sondra & John, I almost stood you up) I understand that fear and anxiety in that first step. Since that first small step towards the person I wanted to be…….. I have lost 44 lbs and gained so much more. You literally have nothing to lose but fear and fat. You will gain heath, fitness, inner peace and a new level of confidence you can’t even imagine!!!!

Have you met any new friends here?

I have met many new friends here. Everyone here has that one first thing in common… a want to be healthier for themselves. You see those familiar faces and those friends urging you on as you get stronger. Some of these friends are outside of John Savidis Lean & Fit now. Truly, a great bunch of people!

Have any staff members at Lean & Fit impacted you?

The First positive impact was John himself, but since then, it really has been a team atmosphere. Starting with Jenn and Sondra at the desk (The two I see usually at the times I am there). The second I walk through the door I am greeted with a warm hello and some great and funny talks. Most of my fitness exposure has been with the crew that run the Lean & Fit Classes at 4:00pm & 4:45pm. So Jeff, Corey NC, Boban, Josh have had the largest impact on my success. They are always answering my many, many questions, and they do make sure my form is correct! The stronger I get, the more they encourage me to push myself, but not before they see if they can get a laugh. I have also asked questions of Corey S. and Eden as well. They always take the time for me when asked. There is a great bunch of other instructors I haven’t trained with yet, but they do work out in some of the classes I attend. So thanks to Fiona, Debbie and Kristine for being unstoppable during class and leading by example.

What are your future goals?

My future goals are to maintain my new found health and fitness. To incorporate all that I have learned about nutrition and exercise with this great crew in my everyday life. Of course, my everyday goal is to complete a Lean and Fit class better than the day before!!

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