How Gioia won the 21 Day Challenge and got elite results...

21 Day Champion - Fat Slayer - Burpee Believer

How would you explain your life, health and otherwise, before joining Lean & Fit?

I am 46 years old and I have never been an athletic person, such that in the very first minute of my first class at JSLF I had a major “wardrobe malfunction” and had to run to the washroom to fix it! And minutes later I had to ask Josh: “What’s a burpee?”. I am a voracious eater and have been a yoyo dieter for the past 18 years. The second half of 2016 was especially difficult for my family (among other troubles, my mother passed away overseas and my mother-in-law fell and was hospitalized for weeks), and a lot of emotional eating brought me to ring in the new 2017 year 40 pounds overweight and I didn’t like the way that made me feel, 95% of my wardrobe didn’t fit me anymore. So my cousin Jackie and I started following our old “tried, tested and true” diet, I was hoping to lose 10-15 pounds before the start of summer. After a few weeks of moderate results, we lost our mojo: Jackie quit our diet program and joined a gym. That inspired me and got me thinking that I also ought to shake things up and get out of my comfort zone.

How long have you been a member?

I’m a very recent member! I joined the 21-day challenge that started on March 25, 2017. I became a member at the end of the challenge and was later floored and incredibly honoured to find out that I had won the ridiculously generous grand prize of a free 12-month elite membership at JSLF! I am forever grateful for this opportunity, thank you John and Mia!

Why did you join the Lean & Fit program?

I had joined the Lean and Fit challenge because I wanted to lose weight and fit back into my clothes again (sounds cliché’, huh?).

How has this program changed your life?

Wow… well, where do I begin? It has improved aspects of my life that I did not expect! I discovered that the nutrition plan is so congenial for me, this is surprising considering how carb-heavy my eating was (pasta, pizza, …). I have been cooking up a storm and loving the recipes. My relationship with food is so different now. I have been tracking everything in my journal and eating “clean” for over 8 weeks straight now and I don’t recognize myself. Fitness-wise, I am at a beginner’s level but I have already made huge strides. I lost 23.8 pounds of fat. Most importantly, I feel strong both mentally and physically. I never thought I could achieve this much in so little time. Thank you to the Elite Squad and the L&F members, I could not have done it without you!

Has this program helped you with any health conditions?

Luckily I do not suffer from any health condition but, at my last physical, my family doctor had indicated that my weight had crept up a little too much and I that I needed to start losing weight.

Gioia's favourite quote...

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

- Eugene Bell Jr.

What do your friends and family think of your Lean & Fit success?

Before I signed up for the 21-day challenge, I discussed it with my husband and daughter as I wanted them to be on board. My family and all my close friends have been extremely supportive and they are all amazed and proud of my achievements. Halfway through the 21-day challenge, my daughter made a card for me expressing how proud she was of all my efforts. It was an emotional moment and it reminds me that, while we are doing this for ourselves, we are setting great examples for our loved ones.

What would you like to say to people that are hesitant to join the Lean & Fit family?

This program requires a high degree of commitment and it works, you will be made accountable for your hard work. The HIIT workouts are intense, there’s no denying that. I have a demanding full-time job and a family and this program is working great for me (the 30 minute workouts are so easy to fit into your day!) and it will for you too. There is always such high energy during the classes and I love how we all start and end our workout together. Right now there’s a 28-day members-only challenge going on with daily, weekly and grand prizes, how cool is that?! This is not your average gym, this is a family and a lifestyle. I wish I had started sooner. If you are unsure, join a challenge like I did so you can really see what it’s like and make sure you bring your A-game every day, you will not regret it.

Have you met any new friends here?

I have met tons of people! Some have turned out to be friends of friends or colleagues, it’s a small world! It is obvious that many members have been working out together here for years, yet everyone is so friendly and kind and ready to chat and share their experiences with “us newbies”.

Have any staff members at Lean & Fit impacted you?

Many! John impacted me greatly, from day 1 when I took tons of notes at the nutrition seminar to the videos, e-mails, and his words of encouragement; I have been working hard at trying to follow as much of his advice as possible. During the 21-day challenge, I was astounded at the level of support we received from the Elite Squad as they patiently answered all our nitty gritty questions, carefully reviewed our journals, provided advice, and encouraged us when we were down. A special shout-out in this regard goes to Kristine, Mia, Kate, and Jenn: you obviously love what you are doing, thank you for all your time and for all that you do, you are my inspiration. All of the instructors have been wonderful in pushing me while making me laugh, they’ve also been so patient in helping me correct my posture. All the staff members I have had a chance to chat with so far have impressive breadth and depth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

What are your future goals?

Goal #1: get fit! My goal is to continue to chip away at getting fit with the Elite Squad and the Lean and Fit members by my side. I want to keep pushing, reaching further, lifting increasingly heavier weights, building endurance on the treadmills. My biggest weakness is my balance so I especially want to improve on that front (i.e., any exercise that involves a ball!). Goal #2: get lean! I would like to keep the momentum going, continuing to journal very strictly every day is key to this for me. Goal #3: I’d love to try every recipe in the new nutrition guide within the next couple of months (there’s a lot of recipes so no mean feat….). Apologies for the self indulgence and thank you for reading. See you in class!

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