How the amazing Kristine keeps her long term fitness...

OG Kristine - Lean & Fit Loyalist - RBF Survivor

How would you explain your life, health and otherwise, before joining Lean & Fit?

I have always been a fit and active person. I’ve worked at a gym since high school….in fact, I worked at another gym in the early 90s with Mia for quite a few years. When it closed, I joined John Savidis Lean and Fit. That was 10 years ago. People are often shocked when I tell them I just turned 50. I’m told I look closer to 40. It’s very complimentary and a testament to long term healthy living. It was well worth the effort.

How long have you been a member?

I was a member for 10 weeks in 2007. I start teaching Kickbox and assisting Lean and Fit classes in April of that year and have been ever since. I am very fortunate that John and Mia have always had a place for me on Team Savidis.

Why did you join the Lean & Fit program?

I joined Lean and Fit for 2 reasons. First, I had never done Boot Camp style classes before and second, my gym had closed so I needed to find another one. Also, I completely fell in love with KICKBOX 2000!!! The classes whooped my ass and I loved it then and still love it now. I received superior instructor training from Mia and attend Deb’s class as often as I can. I can’t wait to do one of Jenn’s classes. Remind me to bug Kate to put her on the schedule.

How has this program changed your life?

In my forties and now my fifties I am in better shape than I’ve ever been. This allows me to play physical sports like hockey 2 or 3 times a week and bike 15- 30 kms on weekends (when the weather is nice). That’s on top of workouts, teaching or assisting classes. Physical activity keeps my brain on an even keel. I need that. If I’m ever cranky at home my family will suggest I go do a Lean & Fit class.

Has this program helped you with any health conditions?

Well…..I’ve made it through early childhood and the teenage years with out killing my children (especially during the teenage years!!) and my husband still loves me so I’d say Lean & Fit has been very good for my mental health. I FEEL the need to go workout when I’m edgy or stressed and it just helps clear the mental baggage and allows me to cope in a more relaxed manner. I also have a fairly serious condition known as RBF (Resting B!+€h Face). Generally I’m pretty happy at the end of the day when get to the gym so this program definitely helps with my RBF.

Kristine's favourite quote...

Lift your head up high and scream out to the world. I know I am some one and let the truth unfurl. No one can hurt you now because you know what's true. Yes, I believe in me so you believe in you.

- Michael Jackson (Song: Wanna be startin' something)

What do your friends and family think of your Lean & Fit success?

They’re all JEALOUS!!! Hahahaha!! I am kidding. I surround myself with people who are like minded and support me no matter what. When I am down, they prop me back up and tell me “You got this”. I count myself LUCKY to have such a great family and beautiful friends. They all recognize the amount of time and effort I put in for my fitness and well being and are proud of me for it. Nutrition is a huge part of this program and members often have questions for me. I’m honoured they consider me an expert and allow me to participate in their success.

What would you like to say to people that are hesitant to join the Lean & Fit family?

Don’t believe YODA!!! There is a “Try”. Never give up trying new things… it keeps you young. I challenge myself to one new, untried thing every year. Make Lean & Fit your new thing!! Tread and Shred was my new thing for 2016. It took me 6 months before trying it for the first time in June… I was scared!! Running is just not my thing. Well guess what!!!??? I LOVE IT!! So challenging for me. I sleep like a bag of rocks after that class. Mia and Kate really wring it out of me.

Have you met any new friends here?

Yes……absolutely!! I love socializing and as a staff member I make a point of talking to everybody. When I say “Hey how are you?” I’m not just being polite, I really want to know. Maybe I can lighten your burdens. This open approach to people has given me many wonderful connections to our members. I also have a very tight friend group of long term members. We have a private chat group and we talk every day. They are my support when I’m failing and my cheerleaders when I’m going for it. These ladies are hugely important to me.

Have any staff members at Lean & Fit impacted you?

Over the years I have become very good friends with Deb L. She motivates and inspires me every day. She’s always pushing me to do better. We play hockey together and we’re going to Montreal in April for a tournament… a first for me!! I’m also good friends with Kate. She is the hardest working person I know. If I need help, she will give it without question. I try my very best to do the same for her in return. John and Mia have always been very good to me. I have a full time job and a full time family so working a second part time job can be difficult. They have given me both support and flexibility over the years in order to maintain my busy life. It’s the reason I’ve worked at Lean & Fit for 10 years and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

What are your future goals?

A consistent 19/20 in Tread & Shread and 80 rpm on the fan bike. I hope to do a 40k bike ride this summer with my husband. I’m developing my wicked wrist shot….it’s not great but I’m working on it. But most of all I hope to continue being a “Lean & Fitter” for at least another 10 years.

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